Tight and smooth skin: best wraps for home SPA treatments.

Tight and smooth skin

Tight and smooth skin is an integral part of a well-groomed woman. We usually devote time to facial skincare, apply creams, make moisturizing and nourishing masks. However, we often forget – the body skin requires careful and attentive attitude. SPA wraps can provide you with tight and smooth skin. Moreover, don’t forget that body skin is a crucially important “channel” through which our body eliminates toxins. So, body wraps are suitable for cleansing purposes.

Wrapping is a special procedure where various cosmetics and films create a sauna effect. Therefore, wraps are one of the most popular ways to help correct your body shape and get rid of extra centimeters in the waist.

Types of wraps for tight and smooth skin

1. Honey wrap
Honey wrapping is impressive since it helps burn excess fat cells, relieves puffiness, improves your immune system. After such a procedure, your skin will be as smooth as silk.
To make the mixture, melt a little natural honey and apply it to the problem areas in a circular motion. After that, apply the film and keep it for 30- 40 minutes. Then wash everything off.

2. Mustard wrap
This treatment is effective against cellulite as well. Mustard contributes to skin being soft and elastic, smoothes the cellulite layer and reduces excess weight.
Preparing the wrapping procedure: you need to mix a little amount of natural honey and mustard powder, the resulting mixture is applied directly to the body. The duration of wrapping is half an hour.

3. Chocolate wrap
A chocolate wrap is popular among people and provided in SPA salons. A chocolate wrap is considered one of the best for weight loss. This wrap has an excellent tightening effect, reduces “orange peel”, softens and nourishes skin, relieves stress well, stimulates metabolism.
The preparation of the mixture is uncomplicated. You need to melt dark chocolate, containing at least 50% of cocoa. Use cocoa powder alternatively. Apply the resulting mass to the desired areas and hold for 30 minutes.

4. Clay body wrap
SPA treatment with clay is one of the cheapest. Moreover, it is an excellent way to eliminate extra pounds and take care of your skin. Clay removes slags and toxins, cleanses pores, tones skin, and improves the process of metabolism.
To apply a clay wrap at home, mix cosmetic clay (blue, white, black) with warm water until it’s even. Then apply the mixture to problematic areas and wrap it with a film. Duration — 30 minutes.

When there is no time to go to SPAS or gym workouts, it’s irreplaceable. Practicing nourishing weight loss wraps at home will have impressive outcomes. You will get fit, obtain tight and smooth skin and have lots of fun. Above all, you might apply attained knowledge to maintain well-being in the future.

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