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Sleep schedule

Bedtime timetable is important because it affects lives and defines lifestyles. Therefore, in this article I am sharing useful information on the reasons of messed up sleep schedule and ways to reset it.

Sleep Schedule is broken — reasons
Light-sensitive body clocks influence our resting habits. That’s why light exposure influence sleeping process. In addition, factors like time-zones or being up longer than normal can destroy sleep cycles as we force ourselves to change hours the inner clocks are adjusted to.

Likewise, shift workers always change day and night shifts and as a result cannot maintain regular sleep schedule. Usually, they get troubles with sleeping due to unfixed habits. Besides messing sleep schedule, wrong body clock causes varied long-term problems because of not satisfying personal sleep needs.

Consequently, the misalignment might lead to chronic health issues. Health problems will cause constant sleeping issues in return. Therefore, it is necessary to re-tune your sleep routine. Learn way to regenerate your sleep in next paragraph.

Recommendations on resetting sleep schedule

1. Stay away from distractions.
Planned exposure to light is a smart way to reset your timetable because it influences your brain. The brain stops generating melatonin, which provides you with energy, whereas darkness contributes to generating more melatonin, so you feel sleepy.

Therefore, try to let more natural light in the room in the start of the day by opening curtains and avoid any blue r white light before bedtime.

Note, that you shouldn’t use gadgets before moving to the bedroom as they can spur brain activity for quite a long time and disturb your rest.

2. Stay relaxed.
Stress and anxiety are known to trigger the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, which causes insomnia and varied disorders. So, try to incorporate yoga or stretching that will help to lower stress level and improve your rest time.

3. Stop snacking before bedtime.
Eating late can lead to insomnia since digestion system will be busy breaking down the food you ate, so eat dinner a few hours before bedtime. Also, pay attention to food you eat as different products take different time to be digested.

4. Air the room.
Our brain needs fresh air to relax. You can open the windows before going to bed and let fresh air in or turn on air conditioner, for example. Above all, you might want to use humidifier in the bedroom to keep air fresh and clean during the night.

5. Comfort.
You can prepare for your night using all the tips, but rest still goes wrong. We advise to ensure you purchased comfy pillows, a soft mattress and a warm blanket. These accessories will create a cozy atmosphere.

Considering mentioned recommendations will be helpful to re-tune your sleep time. However, better make an attempt to prevent your sleep schedule getting messed up in the first place.

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