Short hairstyles for men: looking handsome and modern.

Short hairstyles for men

Nowadays, a haircut is a very important component of the men’s look. It may demonstrate social status and character. Among men’s hairstyles today, the short ones occupy the leading place. They are simple, but still, look interesting. There are plenty of short hairstyles for men, so everyone can find something suitable.

Particular qualities
The most obvious advantage of short hairstyles for men is the ease of care for such hair. They may be quickly washed, dried, and combed. When styling a short hairstyle, it’s enough to use hair spray, wax or styling foam.

A short hairstyle is the most popular choice among men. Some experts think that such type of hairstyle will never lose popularity. Men with neatly styled short hair look not only stylish but also sexy.

Short hairstyles are universal in everyday life. Men can do any physical work without thinking that they would look sloppy. Moreover, short hairstyles are suitable for absolutely every profession.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to attend your stylist or hairdresser more often to maintain the shape of the hairstyle. Some people also say that short hair gets greasy and dirty much faster than long hair.

Different Kinds of Hairstyles
All kinds of short hairstyles for men can be divided into 5 groups: classic, sports, military, grunge, and hipster ones. Here are

Sports Hairstyles
Sports hairstyles include all varieties of some of the most popular haircuts for men.

Classic Hairstyles
These types are suitable for men who prefer universal and timeless haircuts that will always be fashionable. They always seem to be appropriate in any situation, whether it is a business meeting or a party.

Short hairstyles made with the use of the trimmer. The hair is slightly longer on top and shorter on the sides. These haircuts are considered ideal for men who do sports or just live an active lifestyle. Such hairstyles do not require special equipment (like grunge and hipster ones do).

Military Hairstyles
This type of hairstyles includes all haircuts made with the use of the trimmer. These haircuts were popular among the US military. However, now they are actively used by men who are not related to military service.

Grunge Hairstyles
These haircuts are very popular among creative people. This kind of haircuts includes absolutely all short hairstyles with short-shaved sides, but bizarre bangs.

Hipster Hairstyles
Unlike the group of “grunge” hairstyles, hipster haircuts often include curls and long bangs, most often combed back. A frequent addition to hipster hairstyles is a well-groomed beard and elegant mustache.

Remember that when choosing the right hairstyle, you should pay attention to the condition of your hair, to the profession, to the special care.

What Can You Use to Have Good Styling
● styling foam
● styling gel
● different sprays
● wax

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Author: Sarah Stone

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