Nail care at home: define problems and choose a treatment.

Nail care at home

Nail care at home is a perfect way for women to improve their appearances. Girls strive to be beautiful and want to catch admiring glances. Looking good requires knowledge, time and motivation. Every part of the body requires attention on regular basis, starting with heels and toes and ending with face and hair, including hands and nails, as well. Their well-groomed and healthy appearance will not go unnoticed.

Nail plate can tell a lot
Nails may not always look healthy and strong. They often flake off or break. Majority of people complain about the appearance of white spots. Every problem needs special treatment. The color, shape and surface of the nail can provide answers on missing elements in human body.

Deficiency of vitamins A, B and E is expressed in dull color of nails. Anemia can manifest itself in similar way, but it is less common.
Slow growth of nails often indicates a metabolic disturbance.
The lack of calcium and phosphorus in the body is reflected in the thickness of nail plate. As a result, it becomes thin and transparent.
Excessive iron in the human body triggers appearance of longitudinal darkish grooves on the nails.
Lateral stripes are saying about the issues of gastrointestinal tract.
If they grow too fast, it may suggest that the body experienced a surge in hormones.

According to signs mentioned, you can understand what health problems exist, and what needs to be cured. Proper nail care at home depends on the listed ailments.

Rules of nail care at home

Multiple ways to make your hands soft and good-looking are available nowadays. Picking the right approach ensures that nails will look young and well-groomed. Keep in mind that you need to periodically devote time to your nails, performing simple procedures. Ensure that you provide care right by following the main rules of nail care at home:

  1. Various nutritional masks and herbal baths are very useful as treatment. It is necessary to apply masks from time to time.
  2. Chose a hand cream that contains vitamins A, E, and D.
  3. Apply it to hands properly. It is necessary to rub the cream into the nails. Ensure that cream is applied daily before going to bed.
  4. Specialists recommend doing manicure once in two weeks using special tools. Remember, the tools must be disinfected permanently.
  5. File the tips in one direction. If the nails are thin and brittle, it is better to use glass or plastic files.
  6. All housework related to water and chemicals must be performed in rubber gloves.
  7. It is better to wash your hands with water of room temperature, since hot water washes away the fat layer that skin needs for protection.

As you can see, nail care at home is quite uncomplicated to maintain. You just need to find a little time for the procedures regularly to avoid health problems in the future. Diversity of recipes provides options for all kinds of nails, choose a few that satisfy your needs!

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Author: Sarah Stone

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