Healthy hair – how to achieve this? Follow the easy steps.

Hair care

It’s not a secret that all women crave gorgeous healthy hair and care for them will help you achieve this. People dream of having silky and smooth hair that they can see everyday on magazine covers, but they assume that it is impossible. However, it is a wrong belief that thick, alluring and shiny hair is an unattainable goal — just make sure that you do the following things to achieve what you desire.

1. Trim your hair on a regular basis
If you want your hair to look nice and be healthy, you should get it trimmed regularly. It will be better if you have it trimmed in the barbershop. The frequency of cutting down your hair ends depends on the length of your hair — once a month for short hair and once in three months for long hair. You can also do it yourself if you don’t feel like going to the hairdresser’s, but it can take a while to learn. The reason why hair trimming is important is that it helps hair grow better: removing damaged hair and split ends helps hair grow better. Regular trims will prevent the breakage.

2. Cleansing with shampoo and conditioner: the amount to use, the process and the frequency
Washing hair should be done properly: make sure you apply shampoo on your roots, not on the ends because shampoo eventually dries hair, especially hair ends. Be careful about how much shampoo you use, or you can make it worse by drying our your hair. Do not forget to apply some conditioner after washing your hair for moisturizing. The average frequency is twice a week but it is individual and can be different depending on the texture of your hair.

3. Proper nutrition: good eating habits
The hair cells require certain nutrients for growth, so you should make sure you get enough vitamins, protein, and iron found that are essential not only for hair growth but also for its health. It is recommended eating veggies, fish and beans and drinking milk. Moreover, you should have a lot of water daily to keep a proper hydration level to ensure your hair health.

4. Do not underestimate hair oils
This is a common way of promoting healthy hair growth. It works by regulating the amount of oil produced by the oil gland in the skin of your head. Try applying different oils to find the most suitable for your hair. You can use different amount of oil to see what works for you — find the balance to ensure the smoothness of your hair without making your hair look greasy.

5. Use the right way to brush your hair
You should brush your hair every morning and before going to sleep. Use a high-quality brush to comb your hair and be gentle to prevent any breakage. Keep in mind that it is better not to comp wet hair as it is weaker than dry hair.

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Author: Sarah Stone

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