“Dove” Men body wash: best of the products for you.

“Dove” Men body wash

According to men’s opinion, body wash is the most necessary thing in the bathroom. In general, men take a shower twice a day. So, they pay a lot of attention to care products, especially gels for shower. The most well-known brands of middle price category that produce body wash are Nivea, Old Spice, Axe, Adidas, and Dove. The main brand that we are going to discuss is “Dove” men body wash.

“Dove”, Men+Care
“Dove” Men body wash is specially developed for men’s naturally rougher and grosser skin. Due to the MicroMoisture technology, it provides hydration, giving a healthy look and strength to the skin.

These are the products for sensitive skin, but everyone can still use it and find something appropriate.
People (actually, especially, women) note that there are plenty of different scents, that are recognizable. Moreover, it works for both the face and body. Consequently, it will save a lot of time and scents will not be mixed.

Here are the best selling products of “Dove” Men body wash:

1. Men+Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Wash
This is not the most common, but one of the most interesting kinds of Dove body wash.
Even though the scent has masculine notes, there is no feeling of pouring the whole bottle of man perfume after a shower. The bode smells fresh and cleansed.

The consistency is quite liquid, the body wash is good at foaming. To wash the whole body an only drop of the gel is needed.

2. Men+Care Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash
The texture of this body wash is fairly dense. The consistency is thick: the gel is far from watery.
Besides, after usage of the product, the body smells clean, fresh, and cool, but not like menthol. It tones up nicely and helps to wake up.

Moreover, the product really cleanses well and gives a feeling of comfort and freshness. The main advantage is that it does not cause any allergic reactions.

3. Men+Care Hydration Balance Body and Face Wash
This gel is considered helpful with dehydrated skin. The brand promises a cleansing without dryness and irritation. Also, some people notice the smell of cinnamon, but it depends on the olfactory receptors.

How to Use the Body Wash Properly?
● Although it is hypoallergenic, you should get it tested. A few hours before the first usage, apply a drop of the body wash to the skin on the inside of the forearm and rinse off after 5 minutes. If this area will not turn red, the product does not cause an allergic reaction.
● Doctors recommend taking a shower once or twice a day.
● Remember that the sulfates and parabens contained in the body wash do not cause harm if they are washed off within 2-4 minutes after application to the skin.

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Author: Sarah Stone

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