Cleansing diet for weight loss: basic rules and features.

Cleansing diet for weight loss

Cleansing diet for weight loss is proven to be the most efficient worldwide. The main goal of cleanse diets is to clean all parts of your body. The key point of this diet is to eat healthy foods of plant and animal origin. It means, junk food (pizza, hamburgers, oily deep-fried dishes) is completely excluded. It is prohibited to drink alcohol or smoke. While sitting on the diet, the body is getting useful substances. Vitamins help boost metabolism and other processes. The functionality of most internal organs and systems is normalized, cells and tissues are updated. As a great bonus, mood is improved.

Fundamental rules of cleanse diets
Let’s begin with preparing the body for cleansing:
• You should downsize portions and stop eating excessively fatty dishes a week before the diet.
• It’s necessary to give yourself an enema ta day or two before you sit on a diet.
• It is not recommended starving yourself as starvation might lead to harmful consequences.
• Strictly follow the downsized portion of dishes. You can eat 5-6 times a day.
• Try to avoid eating eat in the evening.
• Drink enough fluids to provide proper hydration level.
• Do not go back to bad eating habits after finishing the diet, keep eating properly.

Basic rules of cleansing diets for weight loss
Losing weight once and forever shows two requirements. It is necessary not only to burn calories and fat, but also to cleanse the body of salts, toxins, and especially slags. The reason why is that mentioned harmful substances contained in our bodies ruin metabolism by slowing it down.

Cleansing diet for weight loss should last for one or two weeks. The most effective diet alternates between a drinking and eating day. You need to eat plant-based products.

In the morning, drink a large glass of clean water with natural lemon juice on an empty stomach. You can drink green tea without sugar instead of water.

Choose cottage cheese with fruit, oatmeal porridge on water or berry and fruit salad for breakfast.

Eat fresh vegetable salads and soups, natural non-salty cereals in small quantities for lunch.

Eat a handful of nuts or dried fruit for afternoon snack. Cook vegetables without oil and steamed meat/fish for dinner.

You can drink a glass of water, milk or low-fat yogurt before bedtime.

7-day cleanse diet for weight loss
A seven-day diet involves eating foods with a large amount of fiber and is the best option for cleansing diets for weight loss. You can sit this diet twice a year. You can not drink black coffee, strong tea and alcoholic beverages 10-12 days before the diet. Replace them with herbs, water, and dairy products. It is necessary to eat low-fat types of meat, coarse bread, oatmeal, vegetable oil, fruits and vegetables. Sample menu for 7 days:
Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, fruit (or berries) — 150 grams, herbal tea or fresh juice.
Lunch: vegetable soup or stew, salad or steamed meat.
Dinner: vegetable or lean fish casserole, porridge, salad.
Before going to bed: low-fat kefir.

Actually, there are hundreds of interesting and effective cleansing diets for weight loss. Keep in mind that you’d better see a doctor before using them to ensure safety and benefits for health.

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