Beautiful hair – learn more about the process of hair care.

Beautiful hair

Nowadays there are so many ways of taking care of your hair — however, we mostly focus on the look, neglecting its health: dying hair, overusing hair driers, hair straighteners and other appliances to quickly make our hair look nice. All this leads to destroying our hair and that is when we start realizing that we must change the way we handle our hair. Don’t lose your hope — there are a few rules for you to follow to revive your hair and get back gorgeous glow and sheen. This is more attainable than you could ever think. How to achieve beautiful hair? Let’s get started!

RULE #1 Do not overuse your shampoo
Washing hair too frequently makes it dry and weak — you wash out all natural oils the hair needs to be healthy, which inevitably damages hair structure. So ensure that you do not overuse shampoo — as a rule, once o twice a week will be good for any type of hair.

RULE #2 Choose your shampoo carefully.
While choosing shampoo, thin about your hair — is dry or greasy, dyed or not? You would get a shampoo for dyed hair to keep the color longer and get one “for greasy type of hair” if it is so. If you don’t really know what type your hair is than just get one for “damaging repair” that works for all types of hair as a rule. After you have chosen your perfect shampoo, do not forget about conditioner.

RULE #3 Important things about conditioner.
Conditioners are a must have for healthy hair. You should use it every time after washing your hair. Apply suitable amount to your hair, especially to your hair ends and leave it for about five minutes. Then rinse it off with cool water. If you used the right amount, you well feel that your hear is silky and smooth. If it doesn’t have this feeling, you can do it once again.

RULE #4 Add layers to protect your hair.
If you use hair driers or hair straighteners or perms all the time, then you should apply a heat-protectant spray before using all those appliances because they damage your hair badly. Also, make sure that you use a heat-protectant spray in the sun to prevent your hair from being dried out and weakened. Apply the spray carefully on all of your hair, especially your hair ends. Do it every day or even twice a day if you are going to spend all day in the sun.

RULE #5 Be gentle to your hair
When we are in hurry, we try to do everything as fast as possible, including combing our hair before leaving home. However, this process cannot be done sloppily — you should brush your hair carefully, starting from bottom to prevent any possible stretching or breakage.
Generally, we should brush our hair twice a day to ensure it is not matted or damaged.

Considering these rules while handling your hair will help you make it healthier. We recommend following these steps to have beautiful and healthy hair or to recover damaged hair, reviving its natural glow. Try it on yourself — you will see great results very soon!

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Author: Sarah Stone

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